Graduate Students

Nima Tamaddoni Jahromi, PhD
Dissertation: Inter-droplet Membranes for Mechanical Sensing Applications
PhD, Mechanical Engineering (2016)
Currently: CEO, T&T Scientific Corporation

Graham Taylor, PhD
Improving Droplet Interface Bilayers as Models for Cell Membranes
PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2016)
Currently: a) UTK/ORNL Joint Institute for Biological Sciences Postdoctoral Research Scientist
b) President, T&T Scientific Corporation

Guru Venkatesan, PhD
Dissertation: Characterization and manipulation of lipid self-assembly to construct stable, portable synthetic lipid bilayers
PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2017)
Currently: Postdoctoral Researcher, McAlpine Group at Univ. of Minnesota

MaryAnne Nguyen, PhD
Dissertation: High-Throughput Functional System for Encapsulated Networks of Model Cell Membranes
PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2017)
Current: Postdoctoral Researcher, Lenaghan Group Univ. of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture

Undergraduate Students

  1. Meredith Niethammer BS-BME 2012
  2. Chase Thompson BS-ME 2012
  3. Clayton Greer BS-ME 2015
  4. Max Prigden BS-ME 2014
  5. Brady Bauer BS-ME 2015
  6. Nathan Powell BS-ME 2016
  7. Ashley Lipford BS-ME 2016
  8. Trevor Hepburn BS-BME 2015
  9. Jason Seinfeld BME 2016